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Scale With Ease: Gain the agility, flexibility and scalability your business needs to power innovation and growth.

Gain a More Complete Picture of Your Business: Built-in business intelligence provides real-time insights into key business performance indicators for a unified view of the organization.

Future Proof Your Organization: Bid farewell to version lock, and improve agility with software that is always current with all customizations carried forward to support your business.

ZOHO Premium Partner

ZOHO Premium Partner

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Your NetSuite Questions, Answered.

Oracle NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is complete end to end ERP which is Robust, Scalable and is specifically designed for Hi-growth companies. Having said that there are a lot of small to large enterprises who prefer using NetSuite for the reason it provides the much needed features with scalability options. NetSuite’s platform capabilities helps the ERP to be configured for multiple industries. NetSuite ERP is deployed in more than 16,000 companies globally and comes with modules to manage CRM, Financials, Accounts Payable, Accounts receivables, Inventory management, Warehouse management, Fixed assets, Supply Chain, Project management to name a few. The most important advantage you get with NetSuite is that it helps you do global multi-subsidiary consolidation with near to no effort by your finance team. The ERP system also comes with in-build Operational Business Intelligence tools which helps Senior level Executives as well as key operational staff get the right insights in real time. Oracle NetSuite Provides complete end to end processes from Lead to Order, Order to Cash, Bid to Order, Procure to Pay, Project to Cash, Expense management, Case to resolution and much more. To sum up NetSuite is a modern ERP which helps companies get control and automate their business processes while keeping every stakeholder of your company across subsidiaries and business lines informed in real-time of the information they need to take business critical decisions.

With lot of CRM systems in to choose from it becomes a difficult choice. Oracle NetSuite CRM is one of the top CRM systems which comes with capabilities to manage Lead to Order process automation, Marketing automation, After sales automation, partner management, an engine to manage employee as well as partner commissions. The CRM system also comes with capabilities to integrate with third party applications as well as a platform to develop your own functionalities which works well with all features of the CRM system.

NetSuite for the Sales Manager

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Oracle NetSuite comes with a verticalized edition known as Service Resource Planning (SRP). SRP edition is specifically meant to cater to services companies who want to manage their entire business operation from one single system and want real time data across its business functions. With this approach your company gets detailed insights and reporting on real time data and help you better take informed decisions.

The SRP suite comprises of Sales Force Automation, Marketing Management, After sales Support Management (Case Management), Order management, Procurement Management, Accounting, Financials, Budget and Expense Management, Revenue management and forecasting, Project Management, Timesheet Management, Resource Management and Project Accounting.

Oracle NetSuite by nature is a Horizontal product and meant to be fit across industries due to its flexible customization platform. NetSuite comes with a lot of modules which can be used by almost all the industries. Having said that NetSuite is a best fit for a few industries and have specialized modules which can be industry specific. NetSuite provides its partner ecosystem with a platform to build vertical specific solutions and such partner’s specialized in doing implementation’s in that industry.


NetSuite SRP

When you try to get the cost of NetSuite ERP it might be very confusing at first. As NetSuite ERP caters multiple segments of the industry the cost of procuring the ERP depends of the module’s and feature you require as well as the number of named users you want to opt for. Due to the vast available module options and factors of your requirement it is difficult to tell how much NetSuite would cost you without having a discussion around your requirements. NetSuite ERP basically has three components when we talk about its pricing.

NetSuite Base Price: The price NetSuite would charge you to provide your ERP platform with its default features for Accounts receivables, Accounts payables, Inventory management, Business Intelligence, Hosting and database charges. This pricing normally starts from $999/ month and can increase based on the edition you opt for.

NetSuite Module Price: These are Bolton modules on top of the base platform which adds functionality to cater to specific industries and specific needs of the customer. The pricing of these modules depends on the module you opt for.

NetSuite User Price: NetSuite ERP sells it’s licenses on a named user basis. There are multiple type of users, a standard user of NetSuite would cost around $99/month and the pricing changes based on the type of users you want to buy.

The combination of NetSuite Base price, NetSuite Module price, and NetSuite User price forms as a total NetSuite cost to you as an end customer. We suggest you get in touch with a NetSuite Solution Consulting Partner to get you the best NetSuite pricing and any applicable discounts to justify your Return On Investment. Apart from the pricing, a NetSuite Solution Provider can also work with you on the payment terms to ease out your cashflow.

Oracle NetSuite price will include cost for Hosting, Disaster recovery, Database licenses, NetSuite Platform, Operational BI and API capabilities. The price also includes any upgrades NetSuite provides throughout the year. As a standard NetSuite provides 2 upgrades a year. There is no additional cost for the new feature realizes which come as a part of the upgrade and all your customizations and configurations are automatically carry forward to the next release of NetSuite. The license cost is annually recurring and needs to be paid by the customer every year just like any other subscription.

Apart from NetSuite License the only cost you would have to pay is for professional services. Which is generally a one time cost to get the processes implemented as per your business requirements.

NetSuite has a pre-agreed increment in pricing on its license renewals. To avoid the increase in cost, NetSuite allows its customers to get into a multi-year contract. If you have a multi-Year contract with NetSuite, your agreed price gets locked till the end of the contract. This ensures that your cash flows are well known in advance for your license fee.

Oracle NetSuite is used by companies as small as one employees to companies who use thousands of NetSuite Licenses. NetSuite has multiple datacenters to do load balancing and disaster management. This implies that even the smallest companies have now access to enterprise grade features which normally they would not have access to.

NetSuite ERP unlike other ERP system is Horizontal in Nature and cater to a range of Industries. The pricing of NetSuite ERP varies based on these editions as well. The best way to understand these modules is to get in touch with a NetSuite Partner like Aarialife Technologies and ask for Edition details and it’s Pricing to arrive at a cost you would have to pay every year.

NetSuite Financial Edition, NetSuite Wholesale/Distribution edition and NetSuite Services Edition and NetSuite Manufacturing edition are the most prominent editions available with NetSuite ERP.


The modules listed above are the most frequently used modules. Oracle NetSuite has a lot of other editions and modules to suite different customer needs. Companies who do not want CRM can opt for the financial edition of NetSuite ERP.

Aarialife is a technology solution provider and works closely with NetSuite to achieve successful ERP deployments. Aarialife Operates through its offices in India, Dubai and Canada to serve it’s customers globally. As a NetSuite Partner, Aarialife provides Licensing, Implementation Services, Support Services, Customisation services and Integration Services to it’s customers.

Aarialife has the following partnership with NetSuite

  • NetSuite Solution partner in India – Aarialife serves it’s customers from APAC Countries from India office.
  • NetSuite Alliance Partner in Dubai – Aarialife serves it’s customers from UAE, GCC and South African countries from it’s Dubai office.
  • NetSuite Solution Partner in Canada – Aarialife Serves it’s customers from Canada and North America from it’s Canada office.

  • Different business have different needs and the complexity of the implementation changes based on the processes and scale of the organization. To manage various needs of the customers NetSuite promotes using its proven implementation methodology known as “NetSuite One” . This is a 7 phase methodology with each phase marking the progress of the project.


    Implementation Stages

    Stages of Implementation and Activities involved


    Implementation start with this stage with initiation activities like Project KickOff, Alignment of Resources, Preparing for the Project. It is the high level planning stage of the project for defining timelines, scope and deliverables.


    This is the stage of the project where the scope and business requirements are further detailed out and documented for solutions as per best practice recommendations. Project Scope and Timelines are further accurately defined and end to end processes are documented and agreed in the BRD from Masters to Transactions to Reports and from Configuration to Data Migration to Go-Live.


    Strategies around the Deliverables are defined and Actionable Tasks are listed down and assigned to the Project Team. Solutions are designed for their further execution as per the desired Project Timelines and success criterias.


    Actual Project Execution starts in this phase of the project as per the BRD and Solution Designing performed in the earlier stages. Activities involved are Functional Tasks such as Setup, Configuration, Customizations and Development of Technical Scripts if required.


    Unit and Integrated Internal Testing is performed based on the Business Use Cases within the Implementation Team. Followed by the External Testing with Client Core Team using further detailed level of Use Cases and Test Cases by imparting Product Training for all the Modules to the Core Team.


    Implementation Team prepares for the Go-Live by uploading the Live Masters and CutOver Transactions and Balances, while the Core Team passes on the Specific Product Training to the End Users. Data Reconciliations are performed by the Users and Project Team prepares towards the Go-Live following the pre-defined Checklist.


    Go-Live Support is ensured to the End Users for their day to day operations, while the Project Team hands over the Configuration, Administration Activities and the overall Product Knowledge to the NetSuite Administration for enabling smooth future Business Operations on NetSuite. Project is formally Closed with all the required Formalities, Sign-Offs followed by executing the Closure and Archival Processes and the Project moves successfully towards the Next Phase of Continuous Enhancements and Improvements.

    The NetSuite One Methodology of implementation is most useful if the customer wants the system to be configured to their needs and promotes a complete in depth requirement gathering and analyses before the team gets into implementation phase. For customers who are willing to adopt the best practices promoted by NetSuite, the “SuiteSuccess” Implementation methodology is best suited. NetSuite’s recent vertical focused editions provide preconfigured processes and dashboards to help faster rollout with “SuiteSuccess” implementation methodology. “SuiteSuccess” Works on 4 phases: Engage, Drive, Enable and Convert. With “SuiteSuccess” the implementation can be expected to go-Live in 100 days.

    SuiteSuccess Implementation

    Implementation Phase Engage
    Implementation Phase  Drive
    Implementation Phase Enable
    Implementation Phase Convert
    Learning and experience from 25000+ deployments over 18 years into a proven metholodogy.
    Ability to immediately adopt 250+ roles, reports, dashboards and business intelligence built on Leading Practices for your inductry.
    Predictable Go-Live with Leading Practices to drive quicker time to value, better ROI and faster user adoption.

    NetSuite Services

    NetSuite Customization

    Our experienced team of NetSuite customization specialists can help you enhance your NetSuite instance by developing functionality over the NetSuite platform.

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    NetSuite Data Migration

    With vast experience in migrating data to NetSuite from Legacy systems, our NetSuite data migration team helps you seamlessly transition your data from your legacy system.

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    NetSuite Integration

    We help you integrate NetSuite with other applications you use, by providing scalable and flexible integration solutions.

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    NetSuite Support

    Our team of NetSuite certified consultants, administrators and developers are available to ensure your business runs on NetSuite the way it was meant to be.

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    SuiteApp Development

    We help you leverage the true benefits of a connected application. We help you integrate NetSuite with other applications you use, by providing scalable and flexible integration solutions.

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    A Global Presence

    We are globally present in multiple locations in India, UAE and Canada. Our team has 20+ years of deep experience working on complex deployments of various technologies on Cloud.

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