Reinvent the way you interact with NetSuite Meet aaria, your personal NetSuite Concierge,
a friendly AI chatbot for NetSuite!

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Hi, I'am aaria! Sales, Support and Finance all in one! Built on the Google AI engine, aaria is a chatbot which is fully integrated with NetSuite for sales, support and finance functions.

Now you can get information out of your NetSuite instance by simple and natural conversations.

• Get more done on the go
• aaria facilitates intelligent dialogs between you and NetSuite, so getting tasks done is fast and simple as chatting with a friend
• Key recommendations and insights based on questions you ask
• Pre-integrated with NetSuite so no need for separate login to NetSuite
• Currently available through public channels Skype and Slack


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What aaria brings


The following records can be created and updated by just simple conversations:
• Lead
• Opportunity
• Also, get to know your pipeline and opportunity status.
For all the above all you need to do is chat and aaria will do the rest! 


Want to know whats happening with your cases? We have got it all covered if you are a support rep.
Chat with aaria and get:
• Cases assigned to you
• Update cases
• Know the interaction and update interaction by simple conversations!


Check your A/R and A/P on the go and look outstanding bills to pay with our integration with finance.

aaria can

Be the first to experience a new way to interact with Netsuite!


Meet aaria for NetSuite

aaria chatbot for NetSuite directly connects to NetSuite for a fluid dialog between you and your Netsuite instance.

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Aarialife Technologies is a global technology group with a presence in Canada, India and UAE. Aarialife is a NetSuite Solution Partner as well as SDN partner to NetSuite with its team having a rich experience of working with 400+ NetSuite customers over last 14 years spanning the entire spectrum of services relating to NetSuite i.e. NetSuite implementation, NetSuite customization, NetSuite Integration, NetSuite Support, NetSuite Data Migration and training. Learn More