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Put Intelligence To Work

aaria means friendly and as the name suggests aaria is an intelligent enterprise assistant which connects to your enterprise ERP and builds natural and rich conversational experiences like a friend who is ready to help!

aaria is a fully integrated chatbot platform which connects with your enterprise applications and uses the power to AI to get you key system data and saves you to the time to login to your application. It learns as you interact with it and increases your efficiency and usage of your enterprise application on the go..


aaria facilitates intelligent dialogs between you and your ERP so getting tasks done is fast and simple as chatting with a friend.


Want to be the first to experience aaria with your NetSuite instance? Come join our beta program and use aaria absolutely free for the first 3 months for all your users across NetSuite!

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At Aarialife with our 12+ years of working with ERP applications we understand what you need on the go from your applications. Be it sales, service or finance, we have deeply studied and working with types of users and our chatbot learns as you continue your intelligent conversations with aaria..

Today aaria supports public channels like Skype and you can build your own private AI app for your organisation. Built on Google AI engine, it seamlessly integrates with NetSuite, SAP, to mention a few. It runs all the human requests and system into conversations.. We have built the chatbot with our robust security controls to ensure data security.


Meet aaria for NetSuite

aaria chatbot for NetSuite directly connects to NetSuite for a fluid dialog between you and your Netsuite instance.

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