NetSuite Data Migration Services

If you are planning to migrate from a legacy system to NetSuite you would need to migrate your data too. With vast experience in migrating data to NetSuite from Legacy systems, our NetSuite data migration team helps you seamlessly transition your data from your legacy system.

NetSuite Data Migration Services

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NetSuite Data Migration Services

Aarialife Technologies is very proficient at NetSuite data conversion and migration from existing legacy systems to NetSuite.  Data migration phases consist of design, extraction, cleansing, loading and final verification.  We take a consultative approach to developing and successfully delivering a NetSuite custom / tailored data migration strategy that will fit your requirements.  Every implementation is unique and templated (cookie cutter) data conversions usually are not very successful.


NetSuite Data Migration Services

NetSuite data conversions start with extracting data from your legacy systems. We have imported data from systems like: QuickBooks, Sage, ACT, Microsoft, etc.  Before importing into a new NetSuite instance, legacy data needs to be cleansed, scrubbed, de-duplicated and properly formatted, which will improve the quality, eliminate redundant or obsolete information and match the requirements of the new solution.  After the final Netsuite data conversion we conduct a thorough data verification process to determine that the data was accurately translated and is complete.

Data migration is one of the most important tasks when you’re upgrading to NetSuite ERP
Avoid a misfire implementation due to a mistake in data migration
Ensure that there are no hiccups that might cause potential delays to your business processes
Migrate master, open and historical records.  (Examples: Leads, prospects, customers, items, chart of accounts, vendors, employees, sales history, general ledger history, accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales orders, purchase orders, inventory balances, banking, payroll, etc..)
Very proficient in using Excel for scrubbing and formatting data utilizing formulas like Vlookups, transpose, concatenations, filters and multiple other functions.
Utilize multiple data integration tools like CSV Imports, Web Services, Boomi,  and others.
Also have the experience and expertise to build custom developed integrations for NetSuite.

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