Looking for Oracle NetSuite Support Services? Here is what you need to consider.

With the growing community of Oracle NetSuite it’s definite that the complexity of the Business application would increase. Once known for its simplicity of operations NetSuite is now turning into fairly complex application when it comes to implementation and support. Having said that, Oracle NetSuite have ensured that the users find it fairly simple to use.

Lot of our customers who once never opted for a partner support option now approach us asking for resources to be deployed to maintain and help them with all the new features that Oracle NetSuite launches every 6 months.

While you plan to buy and implement a system like Oracle NetSuite you definitely think of how and who will maintain this application. A lot of companies hire resources internally and a lot of them opt for a partner resources who can be exposed to them at will.

The advantage when it comes to partner resource for Oracle NetSuite support is that you get a varied skill set. If you want NetSuite to be integrated with a third party or if you want some customization or may be just a new report on your dashboard you get it from the partner you plan to work with. This does not happen with an internal hire to maintain the system unless you plan to hire a team. But this is not cost effective at all.

If you have a complex or large NetSuite implementation spanning across geographies it would also make sense to hire resource internally for your day to day application administration and also have a partner backing you for all the new requirements you might have to maintain innovation. This hybrid model of support for NetSuite have been a big success for few of our customers with complex implementation.

Don’t I get support from Oracle NetSuite?

Of course you get Support from Oracle NetSuite. But that’s just a support where they will point you out to some article on SuiteAnswers (NetSuite’s support portal) portal for standard feature set. But in practicality, support needs much more than pointing you to an article. You need someone who can actually do stuff for you and not just guide on where you can find what. The Idea is to get things moving while you need them to. Also, NetSuite would not look into your customizations while a partner who is supporting you would be happy to get their hands dirty onto NetSuite customizations and help you get things sorted.

You ask our consultants and they will tell you how many of customers have reached out to us after trying support from NetSuite and have been happy after getting our services.

Do I Need a local NetSuite partner to support me?

Very valid question and this has been a challenge in my earlier days when people came up from an on-premise world to a cloud application like Oracle NetSuite. NetSuite being a cloud based application can be supported from a remote location without anyone being in your office.

Most of our customers take our NetSuite support services remotely and have shown high degree of satisfaction.

Local partner or not should not really be the question rather the focus should be on which NetSuite partner can serve you the best. Try to find a partner with high level of resource expertise not just the largest partner. Ask for resource profiles before you decide on your partner and check the level of expertise available with the partner.