One of my client I was consulting with asked me this question while I was engaging with him on his next ERP purchase, and I thought this should be my next blog post so everyone knows where to go while they purchase NetSuite.

NetSuite basically gets it’s market reach from 2 channels.

  1. Direct: This is basically the NetSuite (Or oracle team) trying to sell NetSuite to it’s prospects.
  2. Partner: The partner who can sell NetSuite license is known as the NetSuite Solution Provide partner. There are other types of partners like referral or Alliance but these are basically only lead generation sources for the NetSuite direct team to sell Licenses and are more interested in the professional services.
Once you know that NetSuite sells through direct as well as through partners (resellers) the next question is why should I buy from Partners/ resellers?

Simply because it is more cost-efficient and the project can go live much faster.

Let us first understand who is a NetSuite Solution Provider partner? To give you a Idea, A solution provider partner is the one who has the ability to sell NetSuite Licenses as well as Implement NetSuite (and provide other professional services)  for your business. These NetSuite partners are the one who have deep knowledge of specific domains and how things work in those domains for a specific region.

Although license cost for NetSuite would remain same across channels (Direct or partner) the implementation is where the difference comes. The Professional services fees of a partner are mostly much lower than that of the Oracle/NetSuite professional services team.

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Amit Prabhu, as General manager, drives and oversees the services business portfolio at Aarialife which is focused on Oracle NetSuite and Zoho. A business strategist with keen interest in Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and IOT, Amit brings with him an extensive experience of consulting over cloud technology across industries for nearly a decade.

Amit’s strength has always been in recommending the right solution to resolve complex business problems by demonstrating the right solution.

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