Questions To Ask Every ERP Software Supplier Before You Conclude

The implementation of ERP System requires a lot of time and resources. More so, if you do not have the required knowledge, the cost is going to be much higher. The best way to learn is bombard with questions during your classroom sessions. This will make you learn faster. Since an ERP is phenomenally spread out and its applications are wide ranging, you can pose countless questions during your ERP voyage. Here are some top topics that comes into one’s mind about implementation or software evaluation:

On-premise ERP Vs in the Cloud ERP

Although cloud-based systems have become more and more popular, some businesses prefer to store their files locally because of a number of reasons including cost, security, and the firm’s need for customization. On-premise data storage is regarded as a capital expenditure while cloud-based data storage is considered as operating expenditure, an additional expense the longer you subscribe to the service. So, many companies offering ERP solutions make hybridization of the two available so as to better accommodate the needs of their clients.

NetSuite is always deployed in the cloud, and it’s important to know that your data will be hosted on NetSuite’s cloud, which is highly secure. With NetSuite’s on-demand cloud based solution, you do not shoulder the expense of infrastructure and hardware and you are not responsible for an IT team to keep everything operating smoothly. You will have a monthly subscription and updates will be automatic.

Are ERP systems really complex?  What kind of support & training can you expect from the ERP provider?

Yes. ERP system is incredibly complex. No matter how knowledgeable you are, at some point in time, you will run into some hitches. So, you must ensure that the vendors’ consultants have

 to be with you during implementation, during live project, and for a few months after that. You must also ensure that you have multiple options to follow the consultant’s advice. A thorough end-user training ought to be there through in-house classroom sessions, on-site training, or remote sessions in order to make sure that the staffs are confident of using the ERP system independently.  

NetSuite’s global support organization provides you with flexible support options tailored to your business goals. Online case submissions, 24/7 phone support, managed services, user community and knowledgebase.

How do we ensure that we stick to the budget for the ERP implementation project? 

ERP projects are infamous for the fact that we can’t stick to the budget most of the time in implementing them. According to Gartner research, about 57% of all ERP projects cost 189% of the estimated budget. So, if you know the exact price of the project, you’ll begin with peace of mind. Thus, it is recommended that you try and work with a firm that follows fixed-fee billing.

At Aarialife, our experienced team and its expertise can provide you with a complete NetSuite solution, from NetSuite licensing, implementation to support. We leverage our knowledge of the NetSuite implementation methodology and use it with our own experience to deliver a proven approach that leads to proven success. 

Does the ERP Software Meet My Business Requirements? Or Can you list the functions that may be useful to my company?

This is one of the, if not, the most important question on the list. Most ERP systems are competent and can function at basic levels. The biggest challenge for you is to determine the system that best works for your business. For instance, if your company needs to adhere to numerous governmental policies, you need to find a system that can address this. A professional software vendor can help you find the right ERP system after understanding your business thoroughly. 

ERP solutions these days can facilitate any business process that you can think of. Most of the mid-market organizations may not use or need all of the functions. More often than not, ERP functionalities might be too sophisticated to be used for a company. Ultimately, your buying decision has to be based on whether you’ll use all the features or not.

NetSuite offers deep and flexible functionality to meet a variety of needs. An experienced NetSuite partner like Aarialife can help you decide exactly which features your business needs and how fest to configure, implement and support them.