Scale Up Your Business Rightly With Netsuite

As an organization today, all of us have new challenges each day as we try to achieve expanding business growth. Technology has been changing at a rapid rate and we are all in the midst of digital disruption. Business processes are changing and new revenue models are being discovered each day. Probably your business is expanding or poised for it. Unfortunately, your current IT systems or ERP may have challenges keeping pace to deliver optimal performance. Unknowingly, It may be slowing down your business performance.

Being competitive is one of the primary factors for success. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have to be focused on giving a unified view integrating digital capabilities today. We at Aarialife are leaders in implementing and optimizing the Oracle Netsuite solutions globally and recommend its innovative capabilities, demonstrated successfully.

How can Netsuite put your business on the growth path?

NetSuite is the fastest growing top 10 financial management system globally for the third straight year based on calculations of Gartner data. NetSuite is the only pure cloud software provider among the top 15 FMS vendors[1].

That makes Netsuite the financial system with the fastest growth bringing the power of the cloud and digital capabilities right away.


Challenges with today’s ERP

At a high level Finance, Sales, Operations are the three pillars of any company that provides a bird’s eye view on the organization’s performance. Many of the ERP’s today are using older practices. They are losing out on newer opportunities for efficiency, collaboration, automation, and getting deep and rich insights. Companies spend a lot of effort and resources in process integration across departments. It is expensive and difficult to integrate the components to get a holistic view of data across departments from older systems. This becomes more challenging when the ERP is not able to integrate goals and processes enterprise wide. Business growth today requires ERP platforms that are able to capitalize on digital technologies that enable seamless enterprise wide integration to drive a unified view with lower costs of ownership.

Changes are common in business processes over time as per changing business models and technologies. The best way to stay on top of these challenges is optimization of workflows through automation. Netsuite provides an integrated single platform for ERP, CRM and E-Commerce. Netsuite is a single instance, multi-tenant and the true cloud model that started in 1999. It helps in automating core business functions department wide removing inconsistencies and preventing human error risks.

Benefits experienced by organizations using NetSuite include[1]

  • Reduced IT costs by 50% or more
  • Accelerated financial close by 20%-50%
  • Cut order-to-cash cycle by 50%+
  • Reduced audit preparation time by 50%
  • Reduced invoicing costs by 25%-75% promotional efforts
  • Reduced days sales outstanding (DSO) by 10%-20%


Netsuite delivers some key benefits

  • Integrated to support organizational support functions

Netsuite power lies in unification of fragmented data across departments and systems. It automates critical business processes. It is highly flexible and can be customized to adapt to your specific business processes. Netsuite is a totally cloud-based ERP. It is aimed for high growth. It can automate both front end and back end operations including – financial management, revenue management, fixed assets, order management, inventory management and billing functions.

Netsuite has an integrated approach and integrates all functions within an organization. The advantage lies in a combined suite that integrates diverse functions like CRM, eCommerce, Warehouse management, Inventory to human resources among others. Internal and external processes are linked on a single platform. There is a single database along with automated procedures that diminish the risk of errors by employees.

Business growth is well poised and supported by Netsuite which optimizes efficiency, manages costs, streamlines processes, and eliminates manual reports. This saves a lot of time and leads to overall business improvement across the organization. A single Netsuite ERP can take away the pain of managing multiple applications and the necessary integration and update challenges.

  • Real time visibility and a 360 degree view

Information is the key to decision making. Many times due to lack of required information, decisions are delayed or incorrect decisions are made. This can be a costly affair. Netsuite provides real time dashboards with drill down views from high level data to low level data across the organization providing deep insights. The unified construct of the system supports omni-channel commerce so that benefits are delivered to provide greater control. Your employees can spend time in data analysis rather than gathering data. Key Performance Indicators like sales, orders, forecasts, support, cases, and accounts receivable are available at your fingertips in real time and accessible from anywhere.

  • Lower IT costs:

Netsuite ERP is cloud based and does away with the need for you to have expensive IT support teams or spend on expensive hardware infrastructure. Multiple applications are unnecessary as multiple departments can run on this single ERP system. It makes for easier updates to the system as well.

  • Priced rightly:

Netsuite ERP system is priced right with ample options to scale up. This ensures that cost is proportionate to the size of your business. Businesses can see reduced initial investment, but a higher ROI as a lot of costs are saved in integrations. Netsuite is a one-stop cloud ERP solution in an unified and integrated portal.

Our team of Netsuite experts perform customization, integration, implementation and management of Netsuite solutions demonstrated through our successful clientele over the years.

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