Things to Consider While Choosing A NetSuite Partner In India

There’s no doubt that the implementation of NetSuite is highly beneficial for most companies. However, despite it being a SaaS (software-as-a-service), NetSuite needs to be implemented within the company effectively for optimal results. You cannot simply subscribe to the software and expect to start using it immediately.

In fact, multiple studies show that two-thirds of business often face issues while implementing a new CRM or ERP system. Moreover, the Anderson Frank study on NetSuite implementations across companies found that 57% of their participants faced delays in their projects due to poor planning and implementation of the software.

The implementation of NetSuite is a company-wide project and hence utmost care and proper planning need to be considered during the implementation stage. Which is why most companies choose to collaborate with a NetSuite partner who helps them think about short-term and long-term processes when it comes to the NetSuite platform.

However, it’s imperative that you choose the right partner that is best suited to meet your company’s requirements. For example, many partners specialize in certain industries and sectors, hence, you should choose a partner that has worked extensively with businesses in your industry.

While a NetSuite partner is surely going to be an expert on the platform, they need to be able to understand the nuances and challenges that are specific to your industry. Moreover, they also need to be understanding and respectful of your company culture and team.

If you’re considering to collaborate with a NetSuite implementation partner in India, we have covered certain qualities you should look out for in the blog.

1. Strong Business & Technical Skills

While almost every NetSuite partner is sure to have a deep understanding and great knowledge about the platform in itself, it’s imperative they also have a keen business acumen if you want to get the best from your investment.

As the following questions while evaluating a potential NetSuite partner for your company:

  • Do they solely consider NetSuite a technological initiative or do they focus on the business aspects of the software too?
  • Do their goals align with your company’s objectives?
  • Can they forecast the ROI your company will get after the implementation has been completed?

2. A Credible Track Record

Many partners claim to be experts of the software after simply completing a couple of certifications related to the software. Hence, to identify if they are actually experts who can help customize the software to benefit your company, you should check their track record and expertise. Analyze if they were able to solve problems their previous clients faced and were able to deliver results despite all odds. You could consider asking for case studies of previous clients to analyze this.

To check their skillset and track record, you could also consider aspects like how long have they been working with NetSuite and how many implementations have they carried out.

3. Ability To Adopt Proper Planning & Methodology

Project delays caused due to the implementation of NetSuite can more often than not be avoided if proper planning is done from the very beginning. Hence, you need to ensure that your partner works within a structured approach and is capable of executing an efficient workflow for timely completion, right from installing to training. To do this, they must be proficient with making the most of the resources available and staying on track with the budget and timeline.

An efficient partner will consider using NetSuite One or SuiteSuccess methodologies as they are proven and recommended by Oracle NetSuite itself.

Finding the right partner for NetSuite implementation is one of the most crucial decisions you can make. Hence, you need to get it right. If you’re looking for NetSuite consulting services in India that matches all the requirements mentioned above, you should consider contacting us at Aarialife today!