Where does Aarialife come from?

Aaria has many meanings but what resonates with us is “friendly”. What is life without being friends with your customers, employees, partners, we try our best to have a friendly touch as we set up on our journey to improve life from a farmer to an enterprise with our technology interventions!

NetSuite Partner Canada

Global presence


We are globally present in multiple locations in India, UAE and Canada.

20+ years experience


Our team has 20+ years of deep experience working on complex deployments of various technologies on Cloud. We know the intricacies of what a business needs and how to solve them with our technology.

500+ clients


Our team has experience of working with more than 500 clients in the past 15 years across 35 countries globally. Our clients span various industry verticals across these 35 countries.


Our Story

We are crazy about new technology and we passionately believe technology can improve life from an individual to an enterprise. In the euphoria of various technologies we want to be ones who understand the technology deeply but are able to explain and implement simply.. Understand deeply and explain simply is our motto as we embark on the mission is to improve the business of doing business with our products and services.

At Aarialife we focus on digital transformation through IOT, AI and Cloud. We have carefully chosen world class products like Netsuite and Zoho in cloud, AI powered Intelligent automation in Workfusion and IOT enabled farms which empower one and all who embrace on the journey of using this technology.


Our Mission

To implement technology with a purpose of greater good.

Our Values

Built on passion and ingenuity our core values are the foundation of our culture, our brand and the way we conduct ourselves. As we continue to evolve and grow like our DNA in our logo, these values remain constant.


Energy for us is the potential to bring a change. Energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be transferred to bring about a change.. We believe in inoculate and passing on positive energy to all our stake holders.


We believe in child like enthusiasm in every task we do.. It is this enthusiasm to take up any challenge and convert them into opportunities which defines each one of us.


You can only bring about a change if you are in a capacity to understand and care about your customers, employees, partners and every other stakeholder. At Aarialife we strongly believe in this value which promotes high commitment and co-operation.

Meet the makers

Vinay Nair
Founder & CEO
Amit Prabhu
General Manager
Chirag Joshi
Srinivasa Reddy Marri